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BFA Illustration: Surface Design

Minors Fibers and Drawing


Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Graduation in August 2023

Bailee: 'One Down Right Special Girl'

By Joy B. Gough

The Me I Was Always Meant To Be

By Joy B. Gough

When I was little, I was constantly surrounded by art. I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in a small town called Ocean Springs that bubbled with creativity. It was a perfect place for me to explore the happiness I got from drawing and painting. I realized early on that I want my art to spread happiness or more specifically I realized at the ripe age of 14 when I started to sell my ocean themed paintings. I have been selling paintings since but realized after coming to SCAD that I wanted to pursue a BFA in Illustrative Surface Design so that I can not only add happiness through fine art paintings but through people's everyday objects. I would love to help send smiles through the mail with a greeting card or comfort with a living room wall paper or confidence in a favorite piece of clothing. I strive to bring a smile through my patterns, illustrations, and paintings. 

Emerson J Chen
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